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medSR healthcare IT and operations consulting services offers advisory services, EHR Implementation and Optimization, activation and revenue cycle management services.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Focus on the highest-leverage areas for advancement.
Our comprehensive BI&A program promotes improved decision-making by leaders & change agents, multi-level alignment around key priorities, and the enhancement of competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Better analytics yield better results.
Designed to add maximum value in the shortest period of time, our BI&A Rapid Assessment will jump-start your analytics journey. The BI&A Rapid Assessment establishes an objective understanding and evaluation of the current state of your BI&A program as the vital basis for high-value change.

Strengthen your program from the ground up.
Whether your organization is new to BI&A or seeking to maximize existing investments, we are ready to help you construct a stronger foundation and empower all your decision-makers to create real value. We bring a holistic perspective that informs each client engagement, whether it’s addressing a single defined need or spanning the entire BI&A lifecycle for end-to-end transformations.

IT Strategic Planning

Turn your goals, imperatives, and challenges into an actionable IT plan.
medSR works with your organization's financial, clinical, operational, and technical leadership to refine technology-related factors necessary for success. Those insights are translated into an actionable and transformative IT plan that will improve performance today and position your organization for success in the years to come.  

Ensure your IT department and organization are in sync.

The CIO Business Vision diagnostic tool is a low effort, high impact instrument that yields detailed organizational satisfaction report cards that prioritize your IT department’s core services. Our tool ascertains whether your IT strategies and core services always support the organization's goals and objectives.  

Utilize your IT resources to reduce costs and increase employee morale.

Our performance improvement and cost reduction assessment discovers opportunities for enhancements in your IT operations. We identify areas for improvements that lead to time savings. Working with your IT team, we pinpoint project expenditures that have a low benefit to your organization.  

Approach compliance proactively and derive value.

Avoid tackling compliance initiatives in a reactive manner and reduce unnecessary risk to both the organization and the IT department. Our team helps you by managing your compliance initiatives.

Benefit from the ease of data exchange.

With proper interoperability planning and integration, patients benefit from data exchange between healthcare providers. Our team delivers services via a managed services program that replaces or augments the existing integration/interoperability team.


Improve processes and boost patient, physician, and employee satisfaction.
Eliminate the challenge of standing up new systems to support business strategies. Our team optimizes these systems during the initial implementation timeline by reviewing your workflows to reduce duplicative work and waste in your environment.

Enhance a single application or an entire portfolio of IT systems.

Our management consultants have over 20 years of proven assessment methodology that can be scaled to address all healthcare sectors.

Facilitate change in your organization.

Our team of seasoned HIT analysts are experienced in workflow capture, presenting a defined current and future state and building consensus with your organization's healthcare professionals.

Identify what you truly need and plan accordingly.

We create an effective Disaster Recovery Plan (“DRP”) by following a structured process to discover current capabilities and define business requirements for continuity.

Maximize your project management capabilities.

No matter where you are in the development of your PMO, we have an assessment tool that provides valuable insight into your project management office. We provide a PMO Current State Report Card, PMO Self-Assessment, and PMO Customer Assessment.

Get a thorough picture of your IT staff.

Our comparative review and analysis include skill sets and departmental ability to support end-users and key initiatives. We assess your employees' longevity within your organization and their years of experience to help identify needs for succession planning.

Provide better service to your employees and clinicians.

Our methodology considers your unique environment, workload, and trends. Our service desk optimization program improves customer service, enhances workflows, and generates greater satisfaction with your IT staff and the individuals they serve.