Professional Health Information Technology Management Partnership

We have been proudly serving the MEDITECH market for over 30 years. We have engaged 870+ successful MEDITECH conversions and implementations including all MEDITECH platforms (Expanse, 6.1, 6.0, Client/Server, and MAGIC).

A multi-year approach to information system management

We provide a tiered level of services targeting the growth and development of the hospital IT department to meet organizational requirements. The subscription program provides a combination of services across the following four areas: 
Advisory Services
medSR healthcare IT and operations consulting services offers advisory services, EHR Implementation and Optimization, activation and revenue cycle management services. Our team identifies regulatory pressures and performance demands healthcare organizations face and improves overall performance. We utilize our fully transferable knowledge methods and tools to bolster your organization's successful execution and continued sustainment.
Planning Services
medSR works with your organization's financial, clinical, operational, and technical leadership to refine technology related factors necessary for success. Those insights are translated into an actionable and transformative IT plan that will improve performance today and position your organization for success in the years to come.
CIO/IT Services
These information technology-centric services are designed to increase performance, strengthen value, and improve customer experience. Our goal is to improve the perception of the IT department’s value to the organization.
Collaborative Services
We provide ongoing support, peer networking, access to our technology process blueprints, research and tools, plus discounted on-demand staffing.

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