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Whether you are a large health system or a smaller community hospital, we help you craft and execute the strategy that meets your unique needs.

Types of Clients We Serve

Academic Institutions

For the past 10 years, we have been supporting successful EHR strategies by working hand-in-hand with our clients’ senior leadership team. We are skilled at creating environments that enable physicians, residents, and staff to provide the best patient care.

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Health Systems

As our largest clients continue to expand their footprint in the market, we have been there to assist with staff, training, revenue cycle, and Activation Services. Since we provide Activation as a service, we deploy the same familiar resources continually, minimizing orientation time and enabling us to become part of our clients’ workplace cultures.

Health Systems

Community Hospitals

Our 20 year-long commitment to community hospitals positions us to successfully understand and meet the needs many of our clients face. We know how to fill talent gaps, maximize revenue collection efforts, and support our clients’ workforces.

Community Hospitals

Medical Practices

Due to our decade-long client relationships, we understand how to align growth goals with an IT strategy that supports EHR activation on a roll out basis. Our team knows how to meet the evolving needs of large practices, as they grow and acquire new specialty offerings.

Large Medical Practice