Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Subject Matter Experts help our clients solve their unique problems. Sustain results by focusing on process, staff training and development, and using technology as an enablement tool.

Process Improvement / Transformation Facilitation

Starting with an operational assessment, either end-to-end of your entire Revenue Cycle or for a specific area of concern, we develop a deep understanding of your issues through process review, observations, interviews, and analytical test work.

Implement the recommended action through process redesign, technology optimization, and staff development.

Cash Acceleration
and Outsourced RCM Services

Understanding there is not one solution that fits all problems, we have developed a spectrum of solutions to meet our client's needs. We can facilitate and manage a focused cash acceleration/file reduction project, accelerating cash on a fixed receivable file, often working remotely in your system to facilitate rapid start-up and minimal IT intervention.

Our service is unique, in addition to collecting cash we identify the root cause issues impeding claims adjudication. We have a trained team of Revenue Cycle experts that will bill, follow-up, work denials, and apply cash and adjustment transactions.

Denial Mitigation/Payer Reconsideration

Denials present a financial risk to an organization, payers refusing to pay for services rendered.

We focus on helping organizations mitigate the occurrence of a denial, taking the root cause issues and turning them into actionable, preventative activities. We work with multidisciplinary groups to develop a holistic and sustainable solution. Our Payer Reconsideration program works with providers and payers to reconsider previously denied claims that were previously written off.

Staff Augmentation

We provide skilled Revenue Cycle experts to fill roles across the multiple areas of the operation.

We can provide interim leadership, management support, and staff to help organizations fill the void from vacancies, backfill during system implementation, or address backlogs in operations.

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